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ALL successful relationships exhibit 4 simple, yet fundamental, habits. Master them here.

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Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings

Staying Connected & Maintaining Intimacy

Fancy a bit more VaVaVoom in your relationship? This course will help you stay connected even when physically apart.

Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings

Effective Parenting for Couples

Facing the challenges of raising children? This course will give you practical tips and techniques to get you working together as a couple, consistent with one voice.

Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings

Managing Finances as a Couple

"Money issues" are often cited as a top reason for relationship breakdown. Learn how to pull together & be on the same page.


Relationship Essentials - The Full Suite

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Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings

1-on-1 Mentoring

Develop the 4 Habits 1-on-1 with Jon & Andrea over 6x 90 mins LIVE video calls, and get help with specific questions and advice on how best to move things forward.