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Did you know? - Most couple relationships fall apart for the same reasons. With a bit of preventative action, you can stop yours going down the same tubes...

Most relationship "experts" and divorce lawyers (according to google anyway) agree the top 2 articulated reasons for relationship breakdown are A) INFIDELITY/ADULTERY and B) BREAKDOWN IN COMMUNICATION. Everyone has their own list of the various underlying causes, but there is fairly general agreement that the list includes one or more of the following:

  • Unmet Expectations (coming from misunderstood differences)
  • Poor Communication (often coming from different natural communication styles & skill levels)
  • Unresolved Conflict (often coming from different conflict resolution styles)
  • Lack of Intimacy & problems in the bedroom
  • Lack of respect for the individual & feelings of being taken for granted
  • Money Problems (generally coming from different approaches to finances)
  • Parenting challenges (around having/not-having, disciplining & raising children)

Relationship Essentials has been developed specifically to help couples address each of these top relationship derailers, online and on-demand from the privacy of their homes.  Start a course today so you can strengthen the skills required to overcome these key challenges and enjoy better relationships and stronger marriages.

Relationship Essentials - The Full Suite includes these courses

Habit #4 - CONNECT, b4 you correct
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Habit #1 - BE CURIOUS, not critical
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Habit #3 - ASK, don't assume
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Habit #2A - BE CAREFUL, not crushing
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Habit #2B - BE CAREFUL, not crushing
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Staying Connected & Maintaining Intimacy
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