Improving Communication in Relationships

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We all like when people listen to us but often our different styles of communication mean that our messages aren’t necessarily heard the way we intended.  Take this course to learn how to get your partner to give you what you really want... while figuring out what they really want too!

We would all like to think we listen well to others.  However, our egos generally get in the way and we tend to be busier preparing what we will say next rather than actively listening.  Without the tools to clarify the messages we are trying to send and receive, 'faulty thinking' often goes un-checked and we end up making decisions based on false assumptions about each other.  Before long, small issues develop into bigger problems that can drive wedges between couples.  No wonder communication breakdown is often cited as the reason many relationships fall apart.

Take this course to Understand:

  • How differences in general (gender, personalities and family / cultural backgrounds) influence your natural communication styles and the impact your approach to communication can have on how your partner is left feeling after every interaction.
  • The concept of an “emotional bank account” and how you can use it to encourage a “positive balance” of trust and goodwill through learning how to have great conversations, listen well and develop habits that create the environment for open, easy communication.  
  • Gary Chapman’s “Five Love Languages” - five distinct ways in which we all feel loved and valued as humans – as an effective way of feeding the emotional bank account with warmth and goodwill, as well as ensuring your partner feels loved in ways specific and meaningful to them.

By the end of this session couples will have improved their ability to communicate effectively, developed skills in creating an environment of warmth and goodwill for easy communication and learned to speak in a “love language” that their partner can actually understand. The end result? A healthier, happier, long-term relationship in which both partners feel more valued and appreciated.


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Really excellent course!

Thank you so much for all the learning in this course. We have already started noticing changed behaviours in our relationship in such a short space of time. I am looking forward to the next course already. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

by J T


This was great! Highly enjoyable with great resources, video scenarios, and quizzes.

by K S

by J G

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Really excellent course!

Thank you so much for all the learning in this course. We have already started noticing changed behaviours in our relationship in such a short space of time. I am looking forward to the next course already. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

by J T


This was great! Highly enjoyable with great resources, video scenarios, and quizzes.

by K S

by J G

by M F

by J J

Really interesting!

This would be very useful to new couples. I would have benefited a lot from this earlier in our relationship. If only I could get my wife to re-engage...

by D C

by m b

Everybody and every relationship needs this.

I highly recommend this is important for family and friend relationships just as much as it is for couples. It has helped me in my family relationships and I intend to apply it to some of my friend ones too. The 5 love languages quiz is an opportunity to find out your own love language and those of your loved ones, while the relationship quizzes give you an opportunity to go over the ideas and help to embed what you have learnt. Highly recommended from a couple with one of the strongest marriages I know.

by A B

Simply magnificent 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏾👍🏼

I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the course but the intro was great as it helped me have a positive disposition & open up in order to take in the message and learn without bias. I particularly enjoyed the Emotional bank account & the 5 love languages. The scenes were awesome, helped drive home the points and made understanding a lot easier. I will recommend this course to everyone - super content, powerful presentations👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼 I am encouraged to buy the remaining courses, well done Andrea & Jon.

by V O

Great Information

Very valuable information to help a couple in any stage of marriage. Very practical and beneficial.

by D O

Brilliant and engaging

This course not only equips you with key principles for improving communication but also invites you to engage with its interactive videos and Q&A. This course is a must for everyone, whether you feel you are a good communicator or not!

by J S


Rich in content, simple and clear.

by e o

Great Communications course

Something for everyone. Lots of great reminders of best practices as well as new ideas. Can't wait until we do the next sessions.

by M H

by D T

Very practical... brought things to life that are often taken for granted in a relationship.

I chose this course because it’s the ‘Golden Thread’ that binds relationships. If you get communication right other things fall into place. I must admit I was a bit reluctant to sign up to this course because I thought it’s just another relationship course. However, the moment I started listening to it I kept playing back the videos as it was so interesting and I took my time as I didn’t want the course to finish. I like the way the course was presented in a bite size chunk yet you can see how the Thread connects. The short clips is very practical, it brought to life things that are often taken for granted in a relationship. I need to now put some of what I’ve learned into practice. Well set up and clearly presented. Highly recommend I’ve sent the link to my husband straight away. N O

by N O

Fantastic course

Absolutely fantastic course. All couples should do this course. Well thought out and well presented. I sent the link to my husband within half an hour of login in . I'm looking forward to any other offerings. Well worth it.

by f o

The title is apt - applies to other relationships beyond marriage

It's delivered in simple tenses and where specific scientific words are used; they are broken down to everyone's level. This makes it applicable to all strata of the society.

by T a S O

Excellent - 5/5

The course was well researched. It makes you stop and think how we communicate to our partners. It makes you think about what others want from life. You cannot change a person but try and understand why communication is the key to all relationships. Excellent course for those seeking change and a better understanding of our partners.

by G H

Really useful advice on communication skills and building closer relationships

My wife and I found this course to be very insightful and provided us with practical tips on how to communicate more effectively with each other. The course delivery was professional and well thought out and in easy to digest bite size pieces. The concept of 'feeding the emotional bank account' and 'keeping it topped up' struck a chord with both of us. We found the acting convincing in the video examples; they were a great way to illustrate the different love languages. Will be recommending to friends and family.

by T L


Quite an eye opener for me. Very well structured and articulated making it very easy to apply the learning and build strong relationships. Surprisingly better than classroom based training.

by S D

Powerful and engaging

For a course based upon "Communication" one thing is for sure, the team deliver online video which is both engaging and enjoyable to follow. In terms of interactivity, we found that these are as good to watch together, as individually, but in the latter it is important to set time aside to talk about what takeaways we both had.....whether it was during our commute or in the car on a long drive. Great start.

by i c

A superb course that's a must for all

This is a fantastic course delivered in a very professional and enjoyable manner. The helpful format of bite sized videos, once attuned to, allows for easy recaps of specific topics. The follow up quizzes and links are a great and helpful addition. To my mind, this is a well thought out course put together for today's fast paced life. I would be quite surprised if there were any regrets in the time invested going through the course...for me it was time well spent.

by B B

enlightening, envigorating and fun

I found this course to be enriching. even though it was targeted for couples in relationships, as a single person I found both the material and the style relevant and suitable for me. I was able to identify my own love language which gave me insight into how I communicate and a better appreciation for other people who communicate different from me. knowing me I would not be surprised if I start observing everyone I am in a relationship with to see what is their Love Language. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone as I truly enjoyed the course.

by J J


so practical; and helpful in building awareness and the skills to communicate effectively.

by A W

Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings

Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings


Dr. Andrea and Jon Taylor-Cummings are passionate about building strong relationships and stemming the tide of family breakdown. For the last 25+ years, alongside careers in professional services, and being serial entrepreneurs, they have been running relationship building workshops and seminars to help couples and individuals better manage home/work/life tensions.

In 2016, Andrea and Jon established Soulmates Academy to help people and organisations improve wellbeing (emotional and mental health), performance and productivity, through proactively equipping people with strong relationship skills to have better conversations and better outcomes, as a natural part of personal and professional development.

In late 2017, they launched their 'Relationships Essentials' E-learning programme, to help the first 100,000 couples start enjoying great relationships.  See them share the vision here: #100kGreatRelationships

In early 2019, they had the privilege of sharing their message on the TEDx platform about the difference it can make when people take a proactive approach to learning relationship skills, on purpose. With now well over 1 million views, their message is resonating strongly. Watch the talk here: The 4 habits of ALL Successful Relationships

We know that great relationships don't just happen, they are built on purpose!  If you'd like to get going with this program, we would consider it our privilege and pleasure to work with you.

We look forward to working with you.

Jon & Andrea

"No one ever enters a relationship to be made miserable or unhappy. We know the difference this material has made in enriching our life together and so we are excited about the difference it can make in yours too."

- Andrea

"In a world in which one out of every two marriages currently ends in divorce (according to UK Office of National Statistics, 2017), and with the break-up rate being even higher for co-habiting couples, congratulations for showing an interest in investing in your relationship. You'll be glad you did".

- Jon

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