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We each turn up to a relationship with a certain set of expectations - some of which we’re conscious of, and some we have no idea about. Together, they create an experience of surprise and sense-making in the routine of daily lives together. Life is easy where the expectations are shared. The challenges come when the expectations are different and real problems can surface when unmet expectations are around issues that are “big deals” for us – fundamental issues for one partner or both.

In this course, we look at expectations and how to build more common ground in a relationship.  Specifically, we look at:

  1. WHY so often we don’t see eye-to-eye on things, and how that can lead to feelings of frustration, stagnation or even starvation in our relationship.
  2. WHAT’s really going on - THREE things you need to know about your partner to help manage your own expectations better and also to allow you to appreciate why your partner’s expectations are likely to be different from yours.
  3. A simple yet powerful model to help you understand personalities and how they can rub up against each other.
  4. TWO key principles to adopt to help you navigate your way through different expectations and find a way forward on the ones that are important to both of you and the health of the relationship.

Taking the time to build your understanding in this area will give you a new level of care and empathy because you are able to inspect your own expectations, articulate the ones important to you and understand your partner’s drivers as well.  It also means you can really have each other’s back because you know the things that will create frustrations and how to lift them out of that.  

Sign up today… and look forward to a new world of greater understanding and less stress as you learn to play to your respective strengths and cut each other some slack where you approach things differently!

Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings

Andrea & Jon Taylor-Cummings


Dr. Andrea and Jon Taylor-Cummings are passionate about building strong relationships and stemming the tide of family breakdown. For the last 20+ years, alongside careers in professional services (Management Consulting and Investment Banking respectively), and being serial entrepreneurs, they have been running relationship building workshops and seminars to help couples and individuals better manage home/work/life tensions.

In 2016, Andrea and Jon established Soulmates Academy to help people and organisations improve wellbeing (emotional and mental health), performance and productivity, through proactively equipping people with strong relationship skills to have better conversations and better outcomes, as a natural part of personal and professional development.

In late 2017, they launched their 'Relationships Essentials' E-learning programme, to help the first 100,000 couples start enjoying great relationships.  See them share the vision here: #100kGreatRelationships

In early 2019, they had the privilege of sharing their message on the TEDx platform about the difference it can make when people take a proactive approach to learning relationship skills, on purpose. Watch their TEDx talk here: The 4 habits of ALL Successful Relationships

We know that great relationships don't just happen, they are built on purpose!  If you'd like to get going with this program, we would consider it our privilege and pleasure to work with you.

We look forward to working with you.

Jon & Andrea

"We know the difference this material has made in our lives and are excited about the difference it can make in yours too."

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions you would like to clarify before getting going with this course...

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Course Contents

18 Videos

4 Quizzes

3 Texts

5 PDFs

2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

4. How to show loving care in the moment (2 key principles)